Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift: How To Make My Mason Jar Nightlight Water Globe {What's on My Craft Table 2016 Series - Project #3}

Merry Christmas Week!!
I'm back on Christmas Week with another "too easy" DIY craft project that you can surprise someone with anytime throughout the holiday season.  Check this idea out that's beautiful to look at in morning but is even prettier when it's time to say  goodnight...LOL!! 
Follow the photos and captions to see how easy this is to make!  You can purchase these Water Lights at Home Goods, Marshalls or TJ Maxx!  When all else fails, try (they have everything...LOL)!!
Remember, it's still Christmas week and giving never goes out of style. Pay it forward all week long and light up someone's life that you love by creating this awesome gift(trust me, they will accept it with a smile)!! LOVE Yall!!
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You will need a mason jar, a Christmas ornament, and water lights.

Inside your box of water lights, you will find  a waterproof, submersible LED water light that is easy turn on and will transform any water-filled jar or vase into a lighted creation.

Add the acrylic gems and then add water to your jar.  Add just enough water to cover to very top of the gems.

Now add the submersible water light device (follow directions on the packet to see how to turn on the device). 

Now drop the water light device into the mason jar filled with water.  The water lights I have change colors ever few seconds.

Next, attach your ornamented to the top removable lid of the mason jar.  I used a little silver Christmas tree that had a bell on it.  I removed the white bell from the bottom of the ornament and this is what was I attached to my jar lid.

Use double sided tape to attach your ornament to your mason jar lid.  It works great!

Put the lid back on and you have now created a beautiful nightlight water globe!!  The color has now changed to clear white..

Now it's green...

And blue...

And pink....

If you want to decorate your jar, add a gold strip of ribbon around the rim of the top of your jar using a glue stick.  What a beautiful purple!!!