Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift: How To Make My Too Tall Tin Candle Centerpiece {What's On My Craft Table 2016 Series - Project #4}


Merry Christmas Week is still going on strong at and I'm sharing craft ideas that you can still make in minutes to give for the New Year!  Are guests coming to dinner?  Well, check out this AWESOME tin can table centerpiece that is "to tall" to not talk about!  It will grace your dinner table in beauty because it's tall and it's totally easy to make...let's get started.  Oh yea..Happy New Year!!
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You will need one tin can (of course), scissors, small stones and a candle.
Add stones to your tin can and fill to the top leaving about 3-4 inches available at the top for your candle to fit in. (hint:  you can also us sand to fill your tin can with for the most part and then add your stones to the top to show the beauty of your project.
Now, place your candle in the can, on top of the stones.
This is optional; make a beautiful bow (simple to do: fold ribbon back and forth in an accordion manner.  Go back and forth about 6 times, ending up with at least 3 ribbon strips on each side.  Clip the end.  Take another piece of ribbon and tie it in the center to secure your accordion bow strip.  Now, pull apart each bow strip until you have a full bow.  Play with it until it looks like a bow!)
Add double sided tape to the end of each tail of your bow.

Wrap bow around the very bottom of your tin can and attach the to end tails together, sealing with the double sided tape.
This is IMPORTANTPrint or handwrite a label to place on the back of your tin can that states to please remove the ribbon before burning. Oh by the way, make sure you spell the word "BEFORE" correctly...LOL!!!  I guess I just type too fast :-)