Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift: Pasta Pretty Please Gift Package {What's On My Craft Table 2016 Series - Project #5}


This is the last craft item on my table for 2016!!
I save the best for last because this creation is one that you can enjoy long after the holidays are over.  It's my Pasta Pretty Please Gift Package.  It's simply a colander filled with pasta and goodies to fix a great pasta dinner.  I've given this gift away already :-) (remember to pay it forward this holiday season) and the recipients were overjoyed to receive it. 
Enjoy being creative when creating this gift and think of the person who will receive it.  That will help you with your creation...see you next year with more of the same good stuff that I like to make but love to share with you on LOFT101.NET!!!  Love ya....
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Here's everything you need to make the same gift pasta package that I did:
A box of ziti noodles, a colander, tongs, bag of bruschetta bread rounds, garlic pepper seasoning, roasted red pepper & artichoke sauce, basil and sundried tomato olive oil, two silicone hand mitts, the bag of pasta (it's hidden in this picture) and the brillo catcher.
Add hard, raw (do not cook!) ziti noodles as your filler for your colander.
Add your basil and sundried tomato olive oil, one hand mitt and the bag of bruschetta bread rounds.
Add the other hand mitt, the roasted red pepper & artichoke sauce and the tongs.


           Lastly, add the pasta, hang the brillo catcher to the outside of the colander and add a big bow to finish off your Pasta Pretty Please Gift Package!