Thursday, December 1, 2016

My Thought For Today: Arms Length.....Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve!

Have you ever heard the cliche that some people "wear their heart on their sleeve?"  It's basically referring to individuals that are overly sensitive and easily hurt by minuscule things. 

This person has no control of emotions and  shows or acts on his/her feelings too readily.

I know people like that.  Some are/were friends and some are family.  If I could be truthful and "real" with you, I would even put myself in that category!  With the stresses of daily living and the weight of "things" we are responsible for, its not very hard to wear your heart on your sleeve, if you don't satisfy others as they think you should.  

Sometimes with boggle brain (another one of my made up, I get mad with myself because I can't always remember passwords, logons, dates, appointments, birthdays, anniversaries, promises, prescriptions and in my struggle to remember everything, life  challenges me until I do!  Next thing you know, I've beaten myself up and my whole mood has changed.  I'm disgusted with me!  Been there??

Another thing that can mistakenly hurt your feelings is trying to have a text message conversation. I don't always like having text messaging conversations.  I don't like going back and forth, too much, for too long.  I'd rather pick up the phone and call the person.  Texting for me, is sometimes uncomfortable, especially when I'm trying to interpret what the other person is trying to say to me. Many times, I've interpreted a text message as something totally different than what the person was really trying to say to me.

Through it all, I've learned and accepted what I call "arms length."  What does that mean?  Well, it's nothing you can look up or ask anybody about because it's something I created in my head for me, for times when I  get my feelings hurt.  It means, I'm OK if I'm having a bad day and I'm OK if you are having a bad day.  Let's call it even and keep moving.  

Unfortunately, I'm kind of an emotional detached person.  What does that mean?  That means that "yes", I get very emotional over stuff all the time but I'm emotionally detached when it comes to recognizing that I may have upset someone or worst, hurt their feelings.  I've been told this from someone that was hurt and from someone that is not so easily hurt.  I felt horrible more so because I didn't recognize myself in that moment.

Seriously, I really don't mean to be that way but I guess its something that is part of my DNA (to know me is to love me...LOL).  Either way, that doesn't make it right! I love my husband and my daughter.  I love my family.  I love my friends (I can count them on one hand) and I am the first to cry over the craziest stuff.  However, in my own quiet way, I don't always recognize when I've offended someone.  I have caused people to wear their heart on their sleeve from things that I've said or done.  I'm sorry!!

Why am I sharing this thought for today?  Well, I too, have been hurt, offended and misunderstood.  I too have worn my heart on my sleeve more times than I want to share but guess what?  I'm OK with "arms length baby!!"  Bring it on!  I'm good because I'm stronger now for all the times that I was not!!

We are not a perfect people!!  We all have been in an "arms length" position before and if not, stick around and you'll get your chance! If you have to wear your heart on your sleeve every now and then, it's OK.  Don't take it to heart!  Just keep loving each other and get passed the hurt...LOL!!!

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