Wednesday, December 20, 2017

You Got This And It's Extreme in 2018 Inspiring Words from

Poetry By:  Deb Ramsey
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

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Just yesterday
I was starting again
Brand new year, sudden end.

It's exactly what it seems
But it went so fast
365 days have almost passed.

That's how it works
"You got this"
Before you know it
another year missed.

"Wow, for real. It's like that"
Yes it is and that's a fact!

Nothing accomplished
as you planned
 old resolutions, still in hand.

Here's the good news!
Start again...
"You got this", get ready to win.

Dump the baggage
from last year
"You got this", get ready to cheer.

"Yea", things may seem
like the same
Only this time
I'm changing my game.

"I got this"
and its EXTREME...
 Time to make things happen

"You got this" ya, Deb.

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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Fashionista Christmas Dresses For Less Than $80.00!

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Depths of Love Navy

Don't Get In Your Way

Silhouette or bare back
Turtleneck won't do
Off the shoulders
Spaghetti straps
What you gonna do?

It's getting late
Need something new
Your date is on the way
Now you're running super late
What you gonna say?

Hope he really understands
You wanted to look nice
"Off the shoulders will have to do" 
"I ain't thinking twice!"

Finally you're on your way
A long awaited date
Spent too much time thinking...
You even made him wait ;-)! 

Have some fun
be yourself
"Don't get in your way"
Christmas comes but once a year
Enjoy your HOLIDAY!

Original Poetry By:  Deb Ramsey/

Long Drape Dress

Need You Close Black Lace Backless

Illusion Bodycon Mini Dress

Casual Velvet Round Neck Backless Midi Dress in Burgundy

Thursday, December 14, 2017

8 Ways To Save At Christmas!

1.  Invite friends over for an “open house” rather than a party.  Open house is simply people stopping by and hanging out for 10 to 15 minutes.  It’s not a sit down, so no chairs required.  Save money on a meal by offering cookies and cocoa as your guests are in and out!
2.  Make your own ornaments & gifts!  There are plenty of ideas on line and in magazines or right here on!! Get the kids together and have fun crafting while saving money.

3.  Get away for the holiday!  Plan a trip and use rewards from prior hotel stays, airline trips or credit cards.  Tell everyone you will be out of town this year but will exchange gifts after the holiday that way you can shop for items on sale after Christmas!

4.  Open a Christmas Club account at your bank at the beginning of the year and cash it out for Christmas.  Shop with the money you saved all year and stay on budget!  Don’t go off budget and spend your Christmas Club money only!

5.  Rather than buy gifts for everyone, suggest a Secret Santa and exchange gifts with one family member only.  Everyone still gets a gift and everyone saves big time!

6.  How about giving gifts to the small/young children in the family only.  Ask the adults if they like the idea of giving to children only this year and moving forward.  This will save a ton of money since everyone is getting older!

7.  Wish a dish!  How about instead of you cooking all of the food this year by yourself, ask friends and family that you wish for them to bring a dish and/or dessert....LOL!   Your wish may come true but you have to ask them!! Saves you energy, money and time!

8.  Let it be 3!!! Have your child or children pick 3 favorite gifts that they want instead of the customary long list. Then, gather everyone up and include them in on baking cookies for the holiday.  Let them pick their 3 favorite cookie recipes they want to bake and lastly tell them they can invite 3 friends over during Christmas break for a fun night of popcorn and movies! This is a fun-filled Christmas time that last longer than Christmas Day!  Save money on buying a lot of expensive toys by replacing them with quality time spent with family and friends!!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

A 2017 Christmas Expression Being Grateful, Having A Humble Heart & Why Giving Is So Rewarding

I can remember when I was a little girl, I couldn’t wait for Christmas to come so I could ask for everything I had been wanting all year long.  As I grew up and learned more about this holiday, I began to understand why my parents worked so hard to make sure that we had a nice Christmas every year, while still managing to get the bills paid.  

When I became an adult and later as a parent, I found myself wanting to do the same things for my child that my parents did for their children.  I always appreciated anything my parents did for me but it wasn’t until I was walking in their shoes, did I realize why giving is so rewarding.

I am a giver and for that, I thank my parents.  No one is perfect and my parents made many mistakes. However, the one thing I know is that they always made sure they kept the family together and whatever little they had, they shared it with us.  We ate good, dressed well and always had what we needed, to do what we wanted to do!
Even as I celebrate Christmas this year, I still shed a tear when I think about how things use to be.  How "suddenly", everything is so different.  I miss my father so much.  He was a big part of why I love Christmas.  I'm thankful that I still have my Mom but I miss the things she use to be able to do with me.  Yes, I'm sad but I'm also very glad because I have a husband that loves me very much.  I get to love and share good times with our daughter and our beautiful grandson, and for that I am GRATEFUL. 

So, when I look back over my life, I really can't complain!  Time goes by so quickly but the truth of the matter is, there is nothing you can really do to stop it! I love my life and every day I wake up thanking God first for it and wait in expectation of what He is going to do with me next! I just never know what God has planned for me but I know it will be something exciting!  

A GRATEFUL heart is a HUMBLE heart...  

Merry Christmas!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

3 DIY Holiday Centerpieces

Here's 3 ideas for Holiday Centerpieces.  Easy to do.  I like to see my friends while we are eating dinner.  I like to talk and laugh too, so because I've found having a tall centerpiece interferes with conversation at the table, I now use centerpieces that at below face level so I can see and talk with everyone...LOL ;-)!!

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I made this centerpiece.  It was really easy to make.  Look how I did it....

Coffee Bean Topiary

These are the ingredients you need: 2 kissing bells (a small and a medium), 1 pot, 1 bag of whole coffee beans and 1 battery operated LED light pack.

STEP 1 Add coffee beans to pot.

Step 2  Tie kissing balls together, small on top of medium.

Step 3  Set in pot on top of coffee beans.

Step 4  Add lights and use wire from lights to help secure both kissing balls together more firmly.

Step 5  Hide battery pack in coffee beans.

Step 6 Add more coffees beans to top of topiary for more aroma. Light it up and smell the coffee!

Lighted Pottery Plant

I purchased this pottery from Pottery Barn about 10 years ago.  This artificial plant actually came with it.  To make this holiday look, I added some white LED battery operated lights and sat it on a bright red tray I purchased from Target about 5 years ago and this is how it came out! It was so simple to do and will look great with the other red accessories I plan to use for the holiday.

Soy Candle Centerpiece
 If you know me, then you know how much I love scented candles!  This gigantic candle is soy and it smells so good!  It's the perfect centerpiece for dining.  I purchased it from Target and the gold ceramic charger plate is so old that I can only tell you this; that I purchased it from Popular Club about 20 years ago and they are no longer in business!  I actually have another one that I use for candles also.  Both the candle and the charger plate were very easy to pair together to create a spectacular centerpiece  because they matched so well.  The gold is perfect for the holidays!

Tomorrow I'll decorate the table!!

Friday, December 8, 2017

DIY Mason Jar Kits, Scrapbooking & Mini Cupcake Tree Day 5

NEWSFLASH.......I'm done!!!!
5 Days Of Christmas Gifts
Everything I made this week is now on the table...Yay!!!

I have one last project to share with you and its simple and a pretty common craft idea.  Mason Jars are awesome to use for just about EVERYTHING and many crafters like me, use them almost always, when sharing creative craft ideas.  So, I'm using them today to show you 4 unique ideas I have for DIY Mason Jar Kits!


Thanks for following me all week long.  "You all ROCK" and I love you for the support you have shown me this week!  Here's my last project for the 5 Day stretch and see below for 2 BONUS projects that take seriously 10 minutes each to make!

Scrapbook Frame (BONUS)

Using a frame of your choice and printed premium paper, cut out sizes needed for each opening. I used 3 different papers.  Tape them together and lay flat on your frame.  This is now your backdrop of your frame. Next, apply your scrapbook pieces.  Create a theme that tells a story. My theme is spiritual. Have fun!

Mini Cupcake Tree (BONUS) 
Form a small cone out of thin cardboard and using clear scotch tape, seal the cone firm.  Next, cut the inner circles out of 6 mini cupcake liners.  Starting from the top, drop each liner over the cone.  As you drop them on and you get to the third one, you will need to begin taping the liner to the cone to fit over top of the previous liner. This will create that layered look.  You have to begin taping them, to layer them, otherwise each liner will just sit on top of the other.  It's simple to do and once you begin layering, each row becomes easier to do.  Top you tree off with a band of beads.  Use stretch string.  String some small beads together.  Twist them to form flower petals and secure in the center with a knot.  When finished, leave a long piece of string dangling from the end of your beads.  Place your beaded ornament on the of tree and pull the long string through the hole on top of the tree.  Pull it tight but not too tight and then tape it to the inside of the tree.  Fix the bead ornament so it sits centered on top of your tree and that's it...Merry Christmas!! 

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DIY Holiday Mason Jar Kits 

1.  Cocoa, Chocs & Socks
Easy to do.  This large mason jar is filled with a large pack of premium Caramel Hot Cocoa, caramel square chocolates and 3 pairs of cozy socks!  Invite two girlfriends over or your mom and daughter for some hot cocoa and share in some chocolate too!  No worries, your feet will be warm from the cozy socks stuffed way down on the bottom of the jar!  I topped this Mason Jar Kit off with a copper kettle as a holiday ornament and keepsake to remember this special moment.  Add some white shredded paper to give it that holiday look. 


2.  Bay Leaves, Beans & Rice Soup
Very easy.  Purchase a bag of Goya's 16 Bean Soup, some white or brown rice and some bay leaves.  That's it!  Pour the beans in the jar, next the rice and top off with the bay leaves.  The bay leaves will provide awesome flavoring to your dry soup, even before you cook it.  Add water, meat (optional), onions, celery, additional seasonings and you have a meal for many! Decorate the top of the jar with some premium printed paper.  


3.  Popcorn & Pretzels
Easy to do.  Add popcorn kernels.  Stick 8 pretzel rods in and line them around the edge of the jar.  In the center, add chocolate morsels that have been placed in a Ziploc bag (you can get holiday Ziploc bags this time of the year). Twist the top of the bag and open so flaps are on the outside.  On very top of everything, add some chocolate sprinkles that have been placed in a small, clear plastic container with top (you can get these from Walmart).  Now close.  For gift giving you can add some holiday ribbon.  That's all for this one!

4.  Chocolate & Confetti Cupcakes
Easy.  Fill jar 1/2 full with white shredded paper.  Next, add your cupcake liners.  On top of that, add a bag of chocolate morsels that have been placed in a Ziploc bag.  Twist and fan top of bag out.  On the very top of the bag, add a small container of holiday confetti that has been placed in a small, clear plastic container.  "Whew"...your done.  Ready to make the cupcakes! Add some holiday ribbon for gift giving.

See you next week for ideas on tablescapes, decorating and entertaining!!

Have a BLESSED weekend.

Thursday, December 7, 2017

DIY Christmas Corked Seasonings Day 4

It's Day 4 and we are almost there!
Tomorrow will be the last day of our 5 Days Of Christmas.  Today is all about seasonings (well, at least 4 of!) 
I've chosen 4 spices to use for my Corked Seasonings project.  Be creative and use my ideas to inspire you to create your very own designs.  Have fun "just being YOU" and give it a try!

I share what I used to create my designs for these spices and I know that they are going to make the best gifts for my friends and family! This is "my ME day" as you can see in the background of my photos and I had fun "just being ME"  all day long!!

Christmas Corked Seasonings


Here's What You Need:
-4 CLEAN small craft test tubes
-4 seasonings
-embellishments (glitter, charms, gems, Washi tape)
-red permanent markers (thick tip)
-4 small grommet screws
-clear tape
-silver stretch string
-glue stick

1.  Shabby Chic (Minced Onion)
Simply add some stick on jewelry gems to the outside of dry tube and then fill tube with minced onion.  Next seal cork on outside with clear tape, screw grommet in cork and add/tie string to grommet.  Lastly, handprint the title of the seasoning on the bottom of the tube with a permanent marker.  Add some Washi tape to top and bottom of tube and you are done! Let set for 24 hours. 

2.  Silver & Gold (Oregano)
Fill jar with oregano and seal with tape.  Using a glue stick, adhere glue to the bottom of the tube.  Sprinkle glitter on bottom and shake excess off.  Now, using silver metal letters, string silver thread through each letter and adhere glue to the side of tube, placing your string of letters on glue straight across the tube. Wrap excess string on both ends, around tube and glue.  Insert grommet into cork, add silver string and you are done!! Let dry for 24 hours.

3.  Candy Cane (Sea Salt)
Simple to do!  Add sea salt LAST.  Wrap thin decorative tape around tube in the form of a candy cane.  Using permanent red ink marker, color the entire tube making sure you stay above the tape.  Let ink dry for 15 minutes.  Remove tape and you have a design that looks like it took hours to create!  Now add your sea salt and seal cork with clear tape.  Insert grommet to cork, add string and you have completed this design!  Let dry for 24 hours.

4.  Jersey Charm (Chili Powder)
Oh, I went back home in my mind when I created this one!  It's all about the Jersey Shore!  This is my home and when I think of HOME I think of the shore.  How I love the beach and sand.  I was inspired to create this corked seasoning with some Oceanside charms I found in the craft store.  I used sunglasses, flip flops and some beach stuff!  They stick on easily with glue and the beads represent the water and the sand (ok, so we don't have white sand but we do have blue water sometimes..haha...I can dream a little...LOL!!). Let set for 24 hours.

See you tomorrow....;-)! 
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