Friday, January 27, 2017

Cleaning Dirt and Dust The Easy Way: 7 Awesome House Cleaning Tips

Let's face it, when it comes to cleaning "house", it's not always the most exciting adventure for any of us! I'm talking about cleaning up our homes.  I'm talking about elbow grease, down and dirty and some real nook and cranny cleaning!   I've got 7 awesome tips on cleaning dirt and dust the easy way and ideas to keep your laundry allergy free and whites brighter.  I'm still and always will be a believer in using natural products, when I can.  I share some good stuff in this post from my research on cleaning products and personal experiences I face when cleaning my own home.  Hope it helps with your cleaning experience too!
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TIP #1
Bissell Powerforce Powerbrush
Carpet Shampooer

Dirt we cannot see is absolutely the worst!!  We all have dirt in our's just the plain old truth!!  I'm sharing my carpet dirt with you today because I want you to see the value in owning a carpet cleaner.
I recently realized that I need my home carpet shampooed more often than I think.  There are so many germs on our feet and germs on others feet that track into our homes that we simply cannot see.  We don't think about the many times we step outside or step into a bathroom stall while we are out shopping and how what we walk on while we are outdoors, tracks into our house.  NASTY!!!  I invested in a carpet shampooer.  This is the best investment I could have made.  Using the shampooers from grocery stores is NOT A GOOD IDEA!  Owning your own carpet shampooer keeps your dirt as your dirt!  You feeling me??  Here's the machine I bought!  It's the BEST and it picks up the deep dirt (hair and all)...I'm keeping it REAL.  All of this dirty water & hair particles came from the carpet photos above!! This machine cost $89.99/Walmart.  Great buy & the reviews are good!  Research for yourself ;-)..I like it and it works well!

 TIP #2
Bona Microfiber Extendable Bendable Duster
Dust collects so much and no matter how hard we try, you just can't keep up with it!  However, with the right tools, you can manage it.  This tool is another BEST for me.  It extends out, up to 14 feet and can reach everything!!!  So, if you are short in height, no worries.  You can reach to clean high shelves and ceiling fans.  Hard to reach spots and tight spots are no longer a worry because this duster can take care of it. It picks up dust particles with ease and bendable, which makes it that much easier to get into slats.  This duster cost $19.99/Bed, Bath & Beyond.  AWESOME investment!!
TIP #3
Large Bottle Hand Soaps

basically kill germs.  I absolutely keep hand soaps at every sink in our home.  I recently started purchasing these large bottles of hand soaps because I've become a germaphobic and for good reason.  Last year, I was very sick with sinusitis, recurring sore throats and battled coughing attacks that would not stop!  I prayed every second to get well because it didn't seem like I was going too.  While I was sick, I washed everything I touched so my husband wouldn't get sick.  I wiped off everything that we shared but most of all, I washed my hands all the time, I would say at least 10-15 times a day!!!  I found out just how important it was to have larger hand soaps in my house.  The large bottles last longer and I love the varieties to choose from.  Invest in your health.  It is so worth it!

TIP #4
Shower Liners
*Soap Scum, Mold & Mildew

Soap scum is some of the hardest dirt to tackle!  I wrote a post on Cleaning Tip & No-Brainer To Keep Glass Shower Doors Spotless...All The Time {5 Simple Steps}.  Take a look at it when you can.  It's the top 4 post on my LOFT101.NET "Popular Post" list.  So many people found this post written in 2015, to be helpful.  However, for this time, I felt like I had to talk more about the effects of mold & mildew and how to keep it away from you.  This suggestion is too easy and so simple.  Simply discard your shower liner when it gets dirtyMake sense?  For $5.00, you can replace your shower liner.  That's less stress than trying to clean the one that is filled with soap scum...LOL!!  It's true.  Walmart has shower liners for 5 bucks.  So please, when your shower liner is done then please be done with it and replace it to avoid additional mold & mildew building up in your shower ;-)...FYI, this photo shows how I hang my shower curtain & liner to keep my shower doors spotless!!
TIP #5
Laundering Naturally  
(Lemon, Vinegar, Peroxide Baking Soda )
*Deodorize, Reduce Odors, Disinfect & Soften
Natural products have always been a preference of mine when cleaning my home.  I use over the counter products also but I'm careful to read what chemicals make up that product.  Lemon juice should only be used on whites because it can and will bleach certain colors.  It 's a great deodorizer and brightens clothes. By using white distilled vinegar you can whiten, brighten, reduce odor and soften your clothes without harsh chemicals.  Hydrogen peroxide disinfects laundry and removes stains.  It also whitens and brightens clothes while removing stains from your laundry.  Baking soda softens the water and gently cleans your clothes.  By adding 1/2 cup of baking soda to your usual amount of liquid laundry detergent, your whites will be whiter and your colors will be brighter. 
 TIP #6
Smaller Rugs (Machine Washable)

Carpets can actually have a positive impact on allergies if proper cleaning is performed.  I am a big fan of machine washable scatter rugs.  Scatter rugs are little rugs that you use in front of the doorway or at the entrance out to your deck or patio.  Being able to throw these small rugs into the washing machine at any time, will allow you to manage allergens that get trapped in carpet.  Too easy!!
TIP #7
I have a simple solution to avoid bedding bacteria...wash your sheets (of course your pillow cases too)!!  If need be, wash you mattress pad, coverlet, comforter etc. also.  The most important concern are your sheets! Oprah talked about this on a show she aired years ago and she talked about all of the things that happen when you don't wash your sheets, often enough.  The best advice I can share from research about bacteria when it pertains to your bedding is that you should plan to wash your sheets once per week.  Sure, it may be additional housework for you but the sweat, body oils, dead skin cells, drool and tons of other nasty things we won't mention that come from leaving your sheets on your bed too long, make this effort, so worth your time!  Please wash your sheets every week or if you don't want to wash them right away then change them by replacing them with a clean set and washing the dirty ones ASAP ;-)!!