Thursday, January 19, 2017

Craft Project: How To Make Vision Board Branches...A New Tool That's Cool!

Your journey is determined by the branches of your LIFE!   
How AWESOME is this!!  It's a another ORIGINAL idea I came up with that I think is so cool and I wanted to share it with you all.  They are called
Vision Board Branches.
I came up with this idea over the summer last year (2016) and actually taught my summer camp students how to make this awesome visualization tool.  It's not only "functional" but "fun".
I started in 2014 and my tagline launched as "Introducing You To Something New" and now its 3 years later and I'm still doing my best to introduce you to something new..;-)
Keep following your DREAMS......they are closer than you realize!!

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Many of you know that I love anything to do with creating , teaching and talking about Vision Boards and have invested myself immensely in learning about ways to make "vision boarding" of any kind, fun and exciting.
Two years ago, I created a workshop called "Building A Vision Board with A Purpose" and this course is now one that I instruct at my local college. I've written blogs on how to create a vision board that you can use and shared my very own testimonies on how much of what I put on my vision board is coming true because I continue to work toward those goals!
Vision boards are more than just pictures on a poster board.  They are collages,  journals, canvas layouts, virtual pictorials
[] and creative illustrations that help you with keeping your attention on your intentions
My Vision Board Branches are easy enough for children to make as well as adults.  It's easy to change, add or update your pictorials, phrases, gadgets, of your ideas, goals and expectations, as often as you want. 
Best of all, it's inexpensive to make and its literally, a part of nature.  Our trees produce the branches and paper we see and use in our daily lives.  This is such a great family time project to enjoy with your children and one that will encourage them and YOU, to begin or continue to reach for your DREAMS!
Share your comments and or pictures of your branches that you make!  I would love to hear from you.... Deb ;-)
Let's get started....
Get in touch with nature!  This is as simple as taking a walk in your backyard.  I found these branches in my backyard and cleaned them off really good.  Next, I spray painted them with a can of silver paint.  I used paint that I had in my garage but you can choose any color you like.  White would be beautiful.  Be creative and use a color that you will be drawn to.  Spray painting rather than hand painting gives the branches a nice distressed look, so I recommend spray painting :-)!

These are affirmations that I cut out from a specialty cardstock book .  You can also cut out words, phrases and favorite sayings from magazines and books you already have around your house.  The idea here is that you want to use words and phrases that identify with your goals, dream, desires etc.  You want your project to be "effective" for the purpose it is being made! 

Make sure you add a pop of color!  These words were cut out of some old greeting cards that I had not been using.  I can always find a use for!  I love the pop of pink too. 

When choosing ribbons, try to use sparkling or loud colors.  White is always safe but choosing a ribbon with vibrant colors or glitter will help bring out the overall project.

Washi Tape is great to use for this project.  It is adhesive on one side, so that makes it very easy to attach to the branch.  Washi Tape comes in a variety of colors, so have fun choosing what you like!
Now, you are ready to attach all of the fun stuff you cut out and embellish your branch with pictures and words that will create your vision board branch!  Use paper clips, miniature decorative clothespin clips, letters, etc.  Any little thing you like can be added to your branch. 
Place a Command Strip on the back of your branch and you can hang it on your wall!
Post-its are great for displaying on this tool.  Write a message that you want to be reminded of.  Jot down a goal or an expectation you want to reach.

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