Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Thought For Today: Surrender, Say Yes and Move Beyond The Signals That Scream No!


Can You Help Me?

All grown up
What should I do?
I'm a woman with intuition.
Looking here, looking there
Can you help me with my vision?
Deep inside
I realize
There's a purpose
For my being.
Can't quite find just what it is
Can you help me with what I'm seeing?
My dreams and goals
Are becoming old
But somehow I still believe.
I think about them endlessly
Can you help me set them free?
I want to grow
Because I know
There's more for me to do.
I need some help with getting there
Can I turn to you?
I heard about a professional
That never gives advice.
They help you with transforming
To live a better life.
I'm ready now
To make this move.
I'm a woman with intuition.
I need some help to realize
My dreams and real intentions.
I'm committed and I need a change
What's the right approach?
I know I'm now determined
Can you partner as my coach?
Author & Coach:  Deborah Ramsey
  Copyright Brownstone Coaching LLC. 
All rights reserved.

"NO means NO!" 
"There is NO way you are going to be able to make that happen."  
"Their response was NO because you just aren't smart enough."
"There is NO way they are going to select me!"
"I know the answer's NO!"
Heard any of these comments before?
 Ever settled for the worst of something before you knew the real possibilities that it may have worked out to your good?
Ever been so close to something that was a yes but you quit too soon and settled for a no?
I've experienced comments like the ones you've just read, more times than I can remember.  I listened to other people, short-changed myself, followed rather than lead, lost faith, stop believing and judged myself in a bad way, all the time. I always saw the worst of me instead of the best of me. 
It wasn't until I learned how to listen better.  I never listened clearly to what people use to say to me and I never listened to myself.  I was always so anxious to get to the end result, that I missed everything that was being said in-between!  My intuition would tell me one thing and I would always do the opposite.  I always felt like other people had the right answers for my problems or my circumstances. 
I knew when God would be speak to me because of my relationship with Him but sometimes I would not believe what I would hear and unfortunately, I would do my own thing!  That never worked out right!!  The signals in my head would confuse me and would always have me going opposite of what God was telling me to do. 
It's crazy, right?  I believe that was one of the reasons God ordered my steps in the direction of becoming a Professional Life Coach.  He sat me down so I had to not only listen to myself but to listen to others.  That's what coaching is about, listening, not giving advice! It requires you to help others realize things they already know about themselves but can't quite put it all in the right perspective, to make it beneficial or work out the way that it should, to help meet their expectations.
I knew I needed to PRAY more and become more specific in what I prayed for.  I needed to make some new things happen and to change my way of thinking.  I knew that the longer I dwelled in this place that "just enough" was "enough", I would never achieve anything more in life than what I had already experienced.  I had desires and aspirations for my life and without praying to God and asking Him for His help, I would never have the blessings of realizing any of my dreams coming true.  I had to start believing again that everything I hoped for, will happen, in God's timing, not mine! 
Well, I have GOOD NEWS!!
It's possible to move beyond the signals in your head that yell, scream, shout and simply say NO to you, too often.  It's called SURRENDER.  Turn to God.  He's there for you.  Reach out and call on Him.  Allow Him to show you a new way, a new day and  new possibilities for your life that scream YES to anything and everything you set out to do!  This is a signal that you want to hear and that you will embrace because you will know without a doubt, that the signals you hear, are screaming a resounding YES!!!!
Bless You....
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