Sunday, May 21, 2017

I'm Back and My Bounce Back Is Beautiful!

Hello There!
"I'm back and my bounce back is beautiful..."
How are you ;-)?  Wow, it's been a long stretch again for me since I've posted anything on  Once again, I'm so grateful that my site is still going strong with advertisers and that people are logging on to view some of my old posts since I've been unplugged.  Yes, I'm blessed.  Taking a break didn't break the momentum for and I'm very happy about that. 
Well, "what's up", "you asked"?  Where have I been?  Oh my gosh, since you asked, I'll tell you....LOL!  I've been right here the whole time, looking over my life.  I've simply been seeing how things are going for me now in my life.  It's healthy to do that.  It's amazing what you can find out about yourself.  
I call it "Deb's Detox"!!  I had to do it.  It really works for me and perhaps it will inspire you to take it down for a minute too. I want you to know that you can still be on top of your game by taking a break from whatever is you need to "break" from.  Your return will be better when you bounce back in a beautiful way!!!! 
So,  I've been unplugged from blogging since April 8th, 2017 (almost 2 months) but I'm back once again rocking and rolling.  My "detox" was successful.  I've made some decisions and will be making some changes in my life that I feel really good about.  I'll be ramping up in a big way in 2018.  I'm  revamping the site so it will be more vibrant and interactive.  I'm working on getting on more search engines so I can share more with the world.  I need writers and more interviews.  I'm looking to expand with more DIY ideas this summer.  Pray for's growth (thank you!).
Sadly, I'm shutting down Brownstone Coaching LLC and becoming my own free agent.  "Hire Me and Not a Company", will be my new tagline for 2018 as I transition once again in my career.  It's all led me to where I am today.  I'm working more as a coach at my local college and I love it! 
Lastly, I'm now working for an awesome company as an Admin Assistant to some very smart and intelligent people.  Yes, I'm talking scientists, engineers, physicists and analysts.  I'm loving this new assignment that God has called me to! 
Finally, I've found a fit that works perfectly for my lifestyle.  I'm doing what I love and working with some really extraordinary people that have been so nice to me.  It all lines up with my destiny!
"Yes, I'm back and my bounce back is beautiful!!! " 
Every now and then, things can get boring, regular and not so exciting.  It happens.  It's LIFE.  Recognize it when it happens and realize that you are only human and this race you run requires more than how fast you run it.  It is a "BIG BALL" that holds so many other things that keep you in the race and that keep you going.   Take a break.  Go unplugged and get things back in order.  Your friends will still be there.  Your family will understand.  Your spouse or significant other will love you so much more.  Your children will have enormous happiness  for you.  Do it and when you get back, your "Bounce Back" will be so AWESOME  and...
BEAUTIFUL....just like YOU!!!
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