Thursday, June 29, 2017

Having A Hand In Creating Healthy Habits for You!


When you have excellent health, you truly have EVERYTHING.  Make it a habit to stay healthy by doing some things that may seem unconventional but absolutely worth your while.  See some ideas I share below about creating habits that also promote good health!

1.  Walking Workout - Walking is the best alternative when you cannot run or jog.  Many smart phones allow you to download free apps to measure your steps, walking distance and calories as you move along with your day.  MapMyWalk or MapMyRun by Under Armour are two fitness trackers I like.  You can always invest in a Fitbit or Apple watch also that provide fitness readings right at your fingertips. As a CPC and believer in vision boards, I always share how both the Fitbit and/or Apple watch, are awesome visualizations tools!

2.  Add More Raw - Try adding more crunch to your lunch!  Radishes, kale carrots, celery and other crunchy fruits and vegetables are great additions to your daily menu regimen.  You will notice the difference in your belly fat, bloating, breathing and body fat almost right away, when you add more raw. It's just a healthy way of eating and it's almost hardly any calorie intake.

3.  Give Back - Positive energy, time, love, an ear, and hospitality are just a few of my favorites I give back to others.  Kindness cost nothing and the rewards are always priceless.  When you give "from the heart" cheerfully and with good intentions, you will receive the same or more in return, in due time.  That's just the way it is...nothing more to say but to become a giver if you are not and if you are, "you rock"...keep up the good work!  This is a healthy way to feed your inner self and to establish a habit that never grows old.

4.  Start Smart Saving - How awesome are the piggy banks that are on the market these days.  I actually own 2 piggy banks and I use them all the time.  I save all of my loose change from the end of each day and believe it or not, when I turn in my piggy to deposit my change into my savings, I'm way over 50 bucks!  Not bad for some extra change...right??  This is what I call smart saving.  Rather than blow every "dime" you have, save your dimes, quarters, nickels and pennies and watch how your "dollars" will grow!

5.  Detox - Prevention is always better in any capacity.  I try to get ahead of the game when it comes to my health.  Preventive maintenance of my hair, skin and body are so important to me, especially the older I get.  Age changes everything that you use to like about yourself when you were younger...LOL!!!  Don't be in denial, ask your doctor about the right vitamins you should be taking as you mature in age.  There are vitamins for over 50 years old, under 50 years old, for men, for women, for active people, for people who need energy and so on and so forth.  Your hair just doesn't look like it use to look.. Maybe it's thinning, graying or falling out.  Well, there's help out there!  Get back in the game and get a good hair stylist, google and read up on how to thicken your hair, color that gray and feel young again.  Talk to your doctor about how you can avoid your hair falling out due to maturity. Detox your body and feel 5 pounds lighter!  A good cleaning out never hurt anyone...LOL!!!  Get rid of the toxins that have been storing up in your anatomy.  Research for the best natural or store bought detox you can get to help with getting rid of waste and impurities in your body.  Detox your mind.  Read my post on "Taking A Mental Dump" and see how I detox my mind quite often.  It's necessary, so please consider it!! 

6.  More H2O - Water is PRICELESS!!!!Drinking water is so good for you.  I can't express enough how much a glass of water means to our bodies.  Walk a marathon, run a race, hit the aerobics hard and watch how quickly you start looking for  glass of water!  It's just plain old good for you ;-)!

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