Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Permission Granted To Dream Bigger: God Let Me Live In My Gift!

Sometimes we have so much going on in our lives, we want to ask God to fix it all!  You been there?   Oh, I know for sure because I've been there more times than not and today was one of those times! 
I felt trapped today and confused.  Aside from all of the other things I have going on in my life that I know are much bigger than my dream, I still think about the goals I set for myself sometimes.  I think about the groundwork I have already laid to help with making my dreams a reality one day.  I think about where I am right now in the 2nd chapter of my life. 

I retired 5 years ago with big dreams of doing something I wanted to do in the next chapter!  Am I happy with my day to day career?  Is this how I see myself now and in the future?  No, its not!  I've got stuff in my way once again and I'm just feeling disgusted!  Does this sound like you?  Oh well, maybe its just me but it happens!!  I have to do something....
What else can I do? Well, I did what I know best.  I spoke to God.  I asked God several things today after I thanked Him for everything else He does ;-)!

In all that I said, there was one thing that I said to Him today that was real and profound for me.  I asked God if He could "let me live in my gift."  I found myself saying this in my head over and over again.  "God, let me live in my gift."  "God, can you help me live in my gift?" 
I felt so drawn to these words that I put them on paper.  I wanted to remember today.  I want to look back on today and smile!  I really found myself in a dark place today.  I wanted to share that with all of you that follow me.  I've got stuff going on too.  I'm just at a lost in this moment and not sure what to do next to "shift to my gift"...LOL!!!! 
Seriously.  I feel as though I have done so much already and I'm stuck.  Even coaches (that's me!) need coaching sometimes and I surely needed it today.  When I looked around, there was no one in sight but my GOD!  Here's what I asked Him, in my own words, my thoughts and my prayer for today! 

Bless you..keep dreaming & keep smiling!
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God Let Me Live In My Gift
God let me live in my gift
Keep it close to my heart, never apart
Even in times when I drift.
Only you can know what I go through.
The times when I'm feeling so blue.
I call out your name
It's always the same
You telling me what I should do.
God let me live in my gift.
I want to start now and before you I bow
Praying to you for the shift.
My happy is waiting for me
Through you I am able to see.
The highs and the lows
The fast and the slows
I want to walk in it and be free.
Author & Original Poetry By:  Deb Ramsey