Tuesday, November 28, 2017

5 Days of Christmas Crafts - What's on My Craft Table 2017?

Hi !  It's been such a crazy, busy year for me and I'm sure for you, as well.  It's seems as though the seasons are passing by so quickly that I truly cannot keep up with everything. Even as my favorite time of the year is approaching, I still feel like I'm playing catch up...LOL!! Well, I
hope your year has been a fruitful one so far and that everyone is spending much needed time with family and friends. 

Its time for me to get out of my "black and white" phase and back into my "colorful" phase.  That's kind of an inside joke I have for myself when I need to "shift" gears. It's time for "what's on my craft table" for 2017 and I'm excited!  This is the time when I share with you during the Christmas holiday, for 5 days in a row, a different DIY craft project that you can gift to yourself or to someone special.  I have 5 really great ideas this year that I think you will LOVE and enjoy making!  

It all starts on next Monday, Dec 4, 2017!  Tell your friends and invite them over to share in your holiday craft party.  I'll be tweeting about this all week long and plan to invite one of my good friends over also to help me out with a few of these projects.  I may share some video footage too!!

Christmas is truly a time for sharing and caring for others that are in your life.  I love crafting and next week will be my way of showing you how much I appreciate you being a viewer.  Ask me any questions you have about any of these projects by simply emailing me at:

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Our 5 Days of DIY Christmas Crafts

Bath Salt Ornaments - Monday 🎄
Scrapbook Frames - Tuesday 🎄 
DIY Soup/Cocoa Kit - Wednesday 🎄
Corked Seasonings - Thursday 🎄
Copper Christmas Canvas - Friday🎄

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