Tuesday, December 12, 2017

3 DIY Holiday Centerpieces

Here's 3 ideas for Holiday Centerpieces.  Easy to do.  I like to see my friends while we are eating dinner.  I like to talk and laugh too, so because I've found having a tall centerpiece interferes with conversation at the table, I now use centerpieces that at below face level so I can see and talk with everyone...LOL ;-)!!

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I made this centerpiece.  It was really easy to make.  Look how I did it....

Coffee Bean Topiary

These are the ingredients you need: 2 kissing bells (a small and a medium), 1 pot, 1 bag of whole coffee beans and 1 battery operated LED light pack.

STEP 1 Add coffee beans to pot.

Step 2  Tie kissing balls together, small on top of medium.

Step 3  Set in pot on top of coffee beans.

Step 4  Add lights and use wire from lights to help secure both kissing balls together more firmly.

Step 5  Hide battery pack in coffee beans.

Step 6 Add more coffees beans to top of topiary for more aroma. Light it up and smell the coffee!

Lighted Pottery Plant

I purchased this pottery from Pottery Barn about 10 years ago.  This artificial plant actually came with it.  To make this holiday look, I added some white LED battery operated lights and sat it on a bright red tray I purchased from Target about 5 years ago and this is how it came out! It was so simple to do and will look great with the other red accessories I plan to use for the holiday.

Soy Candle Centerpiece
 If you know me, then you know how much I love scented candles!  This gigantic candle is soy and it smells so good!  It's the perfect centerpiece for dining.  I purchased it from Target and the gold ceramic charger plate is so old that I can only tell you this; that I purchased it from Popular Club about 20 years ago and they are no longer in business!  I actually have another one that I use for candles also.  Both the candle and the charger plate were very easy to pair together to create a spectacular centerpiece  because they matched so well.  The gold is perfect for the holidays!

Tomorrow I'll decorate the table!!