Thursday, December 14, 2017

8 Ways To Save At Christmas!

1.  Invite friends over for an “open house” rather than a party.  Open house is simply people stopping by and hanging out for 10 to 15 minutes.  It’s not a sit down, so no chairs required.  Save money on a meal by offering cookies and cocoa as your guests are in and out!
2.  Make your own ornaments & gifts!  There are plenty of ideas on line and in magazines or right here on!! Get the kids together and have fun crafting while saving money.

3.  Get away for the holiday!  Plan a trip and use rewards from prior hotel stays, airline trips or credit cards.  Tell everyone you will be out of town this year but will exchange gifts after the holiday that way you can shop for items on sale after Christmas!

4.  Open a Christmas Club account at your bank at the beginning of the year and cash it out for Christmas.  Shop with the money you saved all year and stay on budget!  Don’t go off budget and spend your Christmas Club money only!

5.  Rather than buy gifts for everyone, suggest a Secret Santa and exchange gifts with one family member only.  Everyone still gets a gift and everyone saves big time!

6.  How about giving gifts to the small/young children in the family only.  Ask the adults if they like the idea of giving to children only this year and moving forward.  This will save a ton of money since everyone is getting older!

7.  Wish a dish!  How about instead of you cooking all of the food this year by yourself, ask friends and family that you wish for them to bring a dish and/or dessert....LOL!   Your wish may come true but you have to ask them!! Saves you energy, money and time!

8.  Let it be 3!!! Have your child or children pick 3 favorite gifts that they want instead of the customary long list. Then, gather everyone up and include them in on baking cookies for the holiday.  Let them pick their 3 favorite cookie recipes they want to bake and lastly tell them they can invite 3 friends over during Christmas break for a fun night of popcorn and movies! This is a fun-filled Christmas time that last longer than Christmas Day!  Save money on buying a lot of expensive toys by replacing them with quality time spent with family and friends!!

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