Friday, December 8, 2017

DIY Mason Jar Kits, Scrapbooking & Mini Cupcake Tree Day 5

NEWSFLASH.......I'm done!!!!
5 Days Of Christmas Gifts
Everything I made this week is now on the table...Yay!!!

I have one last project to share with you and its simple and a pretty common craft idea.  Mason Jars are awesome to use for just about EVERYTHING and many crafters like me, use them almost always, when sharing creative craft ideas.  So, I'm using them today to show you 4 unique ideas I have for DIY Mason Jar Kits!


Thanks for following me all week long.  "You all ROCK" and I love you for the support you have shown me this week!  Here's my last project for the 5 Day stretch and see below for 2 BONUS projects that take seriously 10 minutes each to make!

Scrapbook Frame (BONUS)

Using a frame of your choice and printed premium paper, cut out sizes needed for each opening. I used 3 different papers.  Tape them together and lay flat on your frame.  This is now your backdrop of your frame. Next, apply your scrapbook pieces.  Create a theme that tells a story. My theme is spiritual. Have fun!

Mini Cupcake Tree (BONUS) 
Form a small cone out of thin cardboard and using clear scotch tape, seal the cone firm.  Next, cut the inner circles out of 6 mini cupcake liners.  Starting from the top, drop each liner over the cone.  As you drop them on and you get to the third one, you will need to begin taping the liner to the cone to fit over top of the previous liner. This will create that layered look.  You have to begin taping them, to layer them, otherwise each liner will just sit on top of the other.  It's simple to do and once you begin layering, each row becomes easier to do.  Top you tree off with a band of beads.  Use stretch string.  String some small beads together.  Twist them to form flower petals and secure in the center with a knot.  When finished, leave a long piece of string dangling from the end of your beads.  Place your beaded ornament on the of tree and pull the long string through the hole on top of the tree.  Pull it tight but not too tight and then tape it to the inside of the tree.  Fix the bead ornament so it sits centered on top of your tree and that's it...Merry Christmas!! 

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DIY Holiday Mason Jar Kits 

1.  Cocoa, Chocs & Socks
Easy to do.  This large mason jar is filled with a large pack of premium Caramel Hot Cocoa, caramel square chocolates and 3 pairs of cozy socks!  Invite two girlfriends over or your mom and daughter for some hot cocoa and share in some chocolate too!  No worries, your feet will be warm from the cozy socks stuffed way down on the bottom of the jar!  I topped this Mason Jar Kit off with a copper kettle as a holiday ornament and keepsake to remember this special moment.  Add some white shredded paper to give it that holiday look. 


2.  Bay Leaves, Beans & Rice Soup
Very easy.  Purchase a bag of Goya's 16 Bean Soup, some white or brown rice and some bay leaves.  That's it!  Pour the beans in the jar, next the rice and top off with the bay leaves.  The bay leaves will provide awesome flavoring to your dry soup, even before you cook it.  Add water, meat (optional), onions, celery, additional seasonings and you have a meal for many! Decorate the top of the jar with some premium printed paper.  


3.  Popcorn & Pretzels
Easy to do.  Add popcorn kernels.  Stick 8 pretzel rods in and line them around the edge of the jar.  In the center, add chocolate morsels that have been placed in a Ziploc bag (you can get holiday Ziploc bags this time of the year). Twist the top of the bag and open so flaps are on the outside.  On very top of everything, add some chocolate sprinkles that have been placed in a small, clear plastic container with top (you can get these from Walmart).  Now close.  For gift giving you can add some holiday ribbon.  That's all for this one!

4.  Chocolate & Confetti Cupcakes
Easy.  Fill jar 1/2 full with white shredded paper.  Next, add your cupcake liners.  On top of that, add a bag of chocolate morsels that have been placed in a Ziploc bag.  Twist and fan top of bag out.  On the very top of the bag, add a small container of holiday confetti that has been placed in a small, clear plastic container.  "Whew"...your done.  Ready to make the cupcakes! Add some holiday ribbon for gift giving.

See you next week for ideas on tablescapes, decorating and entertaining!!

Have a BLESSED weekend.