Tuesday, December 5, 2017

DIY Christmas Canvas Print Using Pennies Day 2

Hey There!

It's Day 2 of the 5 Days of DIY Christmas Crafts!


Copper Christmas Canvas

This so easy to make that I don't even have to share a lot of text to explain what to do.  Just follow the photos and they pretty much show you how you can use your imagination to build a beautiful scene around this beautiful copper tree!  Try to use the cleanest copper pennies you can gather up because the newer the pennies, the prettier the tree.  Use your imagination and think about being a part of this canvas scene.  What does the scenery look like to you?  This is one of those projects that let's you run with your imagination.

My scenery today for this project is Christmas of course, wintry weather, music in the air and memories of me and my hubby.  Love is in the air too and I'm just thinking about the fun we are going to have on this Christmas holiday as we have in the past.  I also chose to keep a mostly copper and silver theme.  He's going to love this gift and I know the perfect wall to hang in on in our home.

Shhhh....don't tell him I'm making a gift that cost less than $1.00.....;-)....it really did!!

Here's What You Need:

-your imagination
-59 new pennies
-a glue stick (a good one is Elmer's XTREME)
-embellishments:  cutouts, messages, scrapbook pieces, stickers, photos, clips, beads, etc.
-11 x 14 canvas board

The best way to stick the pennies to the canvas is to apply the glue to the canvas first, not the penny.  This will work better because the glue can absorb the canvas to allow the penny to stick to it.  For each line of pennies you add to the canvas, swipe the glue stick to the canvas first and then begin applying your pennies.

Amazing!  This is the finished tree. You like? Now, you have to add a tree topper to your tree.  I made this little bow from some copper and silver beads that I had from another project.  It was very simple to do.  Use some thin stretchy string (clear or silver) and add as many beads to it as you like depending on how large you want your tree topper to be.  Fasten off and twist once to create a bow.  Apply glue to canvas then work with your bow until it sticks to the canvas.  It will stick but you may need to make a thick dab of glue so that the topper can stick to canvas well. Keep playing with it...it will stick!

Now, its time to embellish!! Add your favorite scrapbook pieces, stickers, etc.  They may take a second application of glue before the corners of your embellishments stick and that's ok.  Keep working and go back later to add more glue to them.  Remember to create a theme and use your imagination and creativity so "your tree tells your story"...

When all of your embellishments have been applied and you are satisfied with your project, use a damp paper towel to apply pressure to each glued area.  Press lightly across the pennies too.  This helps with sealing everything well to the canvas before it completely dries.

If you plan to apply glitter as I did, swipe the glue stick in the area where you want your glitter at, sprinkle on your glitter, shake off the excess and take a deep breath because you are done.....

You ROCK!!

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