Thursday, January 11, 2018

How To Build Your Perpetual Vision Board Toolbox...Another Life Changing DIFY {Do It For Yourself} Project Exclusively from

Hello Everyone ;-)!!

I'm kicking the New Year off by capturing my 2018 journey to SUCCESS in a box!  Here's another idea from LOFT with an awesome, DIFY (do it for yourself) project that is so easy to make but very valuable to planning a process for your future self!  It's a keepsake yet a keeper.  It's crafty yet creative.  It shines yet it's chic!  It's a vision board tool yet its a toolbox!!!

"With a shoebox, a few craft tools, craft paper, glue stick, imagination and a little guidance from me, you will be off to a great start towards realizing your dreams.  Get ready for an AWESOME journey and it begins at's do it together!""

Begin 2018 with this project that I'll show you in pictorial steps of how to make it.  This is my journey toolbox and I've already began to use it.  It's a perpetual vision tool that can be used from year to year and you can begin to put pictures, magazine clippings, messages, post its, embellishments and whatever else you desire, that encourages and inspires your successful journey.  It's very simple to make and it's an exclusive DIFY craft idea and 101 project, handmade only at!!  

The best to you on your 2018 journey!!!  Stay inspired!

Follow the photos and if you have any questions email me ;-)...leave me a comment too!

Coach Deb ;-)
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