Monday, January 29, 2018

From Blog To Brand To Business...Hello Works

It's official...Let's Celebrate!! has morphed from blog to brand to business!  Welcome to my business Works and I am really excited about this shift.  It's been something I've been wanting to do for a few years and finally, I figured out how...I hope!!! I wanted to keep my blog site in place, as is, but at the same time, I wanted to showcase more than my ability as a blogger.  Adding Works to what was already working for ;-), seem to be the smartest and most logical thing to do especially after trying other business routes that simply did not work! 

"This is the 3rd business I've tried to has to work this time!"  

"Three's a charm and I hope I got it right this Works will showcase me not only as a blogger but as an entrepreneur & creativity coach."

As a Creativity Coach, I help people become better at whatever life goals they want to achieve by making the necessary changes that they need to make for it to happen.  I help businesses improve on growth and leadership through the use of creative lesson plans, program of instruction and practical exercises.  My job is to help individuals, as well as organizations, gain a new outlook on how they can make changes to improve business, using creative thinking.  I help others stay accountable to their goals.

As an Entrepreneur, it's pretty simple for me.  My very first product brand is my crochet lap, nap & baby butt throwbacksI'm tapping into my gift as a child.  I know I work well with my hands and I know with that gift along with my skill as a creative coach, I can create products, activities and processes that urge others to think out-the-box, cross boundaries and take risks. I create rather than imitate.  Much of what I create comes from my brain and is usually my way of doing it. I do "me" better than anyone else, so with that said, if I create something, it was my idea!  
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More to come..........................;-)
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