Tuesday, February 6, 2018

How to Wow Your Sweetie For Valentine's Day...A True Love Story Never Ends!

Valentine's Day is one of my favorite times of the year to celebrate all of the things I love about being in love!  It's an opportunity to wow my hubby with the little things that say so much about why being in love, being married and being able to spend my life with someone that truly understands me, is so AWESOME!!  I know its a blessing from God...because I'm not always easy to love ;-)! ( you too?...lol!)
LOFT101.net - Feb 2015

Anyway, get your craft space ready and join me ;-) tomorrow to create 3 NEW awesome Valentine Day ideas that I know you will LOVE!  The titles I've given them are stunning.....

1. LOVE in the Middle Collage

2.  Valentine On A Vine

3.  Love & Lace Open Frame

*If you want to make any of these hearts

pictured, please search post from 2/11/15:

How To Make 5 Valentine's Day 

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LOFT101.net - Feb 2015

LOFT101.net - Feb 2015
LOFT101.net - Feb 2015

LOFT101.net - Feb 2015