Saturday, February 10, 2018

Red Dress Date Night {Be Mine!} & Honoring Red Dress Day.. For My Ladies!!

Red Dress Date Night
Original Poetry By:  Deb Ramsey

Illustration by Nancy White

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Red dress date night
Black dress before
Tonight is for lovers
You hear him knocking at your door

Another date night
Another time of the year
Still got the jitters
Still facing the fear

Can't be late
No, not this time
Red is kind of special
Simply says to "be mine"

The first time you met him
It was hard to believe
He looked like a keeper  
You was pleased and relieved

You wore your black dress
Fitting snuggly and tight
Little did you know
It was perfect and right

Yes, he's still around
and its Valentines Day
Red dress ready
Wondering what will he say?

Woo-hoo, it's over
Date night went swell
You wore your red dress
and you worked it well!

Happy Valentine's Day Ladies!!!