Wednesday, March 28, 2018

9 Minute Meditation! (Day 9 Fresh Flush Challenge)

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It's all about the #9 today...

It's Day 9 of the Fresh Flush Challenge and I have a 9 Minute Meditation just for you!
The other one I created is my FEATURED POST (see this also).  If you haven't tried that one out yet, you should record it and try it (its only 1 minute longer than this  It really works and so does this one! 

You can follow along and record this one for yourself also but it is a Copyright of
I don't mind you recording it and sharing it with your friends, just remember to give credit to ;-)...thanks!
*Don't record what's bolded.....this is direction for the reader of the meditation.
Enjoy & see you tomorrow (its the last day of my Fresh Flush!)...
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9 Minute Meditation

Close your eyes.

 Suppose today was the only day you had this year to relax.  There are no other options.  You have no other available time remaining on your calendar, to spend on yourself.  Really think about that and the thought of not having another day this year, to take time out for YOU.  Stay present.  Think about this for 5 seconds...(*5 one-hundredths, 4 one-hundredths, 3 one-hundredths, 2 one-hundredths and 1 one-hundredths), now breathe in slowly, hold...(*3 seconds) and exhale.  Again, breathe in slowly, hold...(*3 seconds) and exhale.  One more time.  Breathe in slowly, now hold...(*3 seconds) and exhale.

*Continue to keep your eyes closed. 
Imagine spending your day, in a quiet place.  No noise, no distractions, just quiet. Own the silence and simply rest in it for 1 minute (*pause for sixty seconds). Now, think about how free you feel and how freedom feels.  You are completely in charge of yourself.  No boundaries, no demands, simply serenity.

Think about the quietness and just become one with your body.  This is your day, the only day, you have to spend with you.  Relax. Let every negative thought escape your body.  Embrace all positive things that you are doing or dream to do.  Realize yourself living out these realities and now SMILE BIG.  Keep smiling and realizing these good things are happening in your life, right now.

Breath in, hold...(*3 seconds) and exhale. Now just stay still (*count 3 minutes) and relax, not moving any part of your body and becoming one with the quietness.

Now open your eyes!  Reflect on what just happened.  Reflect on what you felt and realize that this moment is yours to have whenever you need it.  Meditation is good for you and every time you feel overwhelmed or things aren't going good, reflect on today and take time out again for you!