Monday, March 19, 2018

Journaling Your Journey! (Day 2 Challenge)

It's Day 2 of my Fresh Flush Challenge and I'm feeling good!  Are you following along?  If so, stay with me.  Don't quit ;-)!
I just had my Day 2 Green Smoothie also (Apple Strawberry)! was so good!! 
Now for Day 2 of my challenge, I want to begin to flush out some not-so-good "feelings and emotions" that have really been weighing me down.  Journaling helps me out many times when I'm down in the dumps.  Blogging is a big help and pretty similar to journaling but less private.  Prayer always helps!  

Writing down how my day begins, what transpires throughout and how I end my day, is simply a way for me to stay present with myself and any journey I begin!

STOP!  Take time to journal your status.  Jot down a sentence or two, at a minimum, of how your progress is going on challenges and/or goals are going that you set for yourself.  It's a great way to reflect back on what you have accomplished and a journal serves as a great accountability partner.  It will keep you on track for sure!!

 Just finished journaling the 1st day of my Fresh Flush Challenge...  
Check it out!

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