Friday, March 23, 2018

Green Tea For Me! (Day 6 Fresh Flush Challenge)

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Hi Friends,
Ok, Day 6 of  the Fresh Flush Challenge is in full force!  I decided to write a little poetry about how I enjoy green tea more now than ever.  I'm not a regular coffee or tea drinker but after reading so much about the benefits of green tea, I'm going to include green tea bags in my pantry from now on ;-)!

Enjoy a cup tonight before bed.  Me and my hubby are...LOL!!! 
This poem is for YOU, my friends!

See you tomorrow....
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Green Tea For Me

Original Poetry By:  Deb Ramsey

One sip is simply 🍵
to try something new
Another may make you
Change what you brew  

Replace your black coffee?
 You can't see why
 Some say its better
To drink some green chai🍵 

The benefits that come
From one cup a day
Are hard to believe 
And will blow you away🍵

"I have to be honest"
"I never drink tea"
Green chai or the others
It just doesn't phase me 🍵

 I've read its the healthiest 🍵
beverage on earth
Loaded with nutrients
Its proven its worth  

"Nothing to lose"
"Yea, that's true"
It helps with weight loss
And it could help you 🍵

Another benefit
Now do you see?
Well, I'm convinced
Green tea is for me🍵