Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Let's Face It & Exfoliate!.... How To Make Homemade Lemon Exfoliator! (Day 4 Fresh Flush Challenge)

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It's Day 4 and let's face it, our skin can go through so many changes from one season to the next!"  One minute its dry and the next minute, its oily...right??
We are having fun today with the Fresh Flush Challenge!  You still with me ;-)?

I'm exfoliating my face today and I'm using a scrub that I found on a blog site called  It's such a fun blog site, that I found myself surfing all over it!   Guess what?  I discovered something on the site that I just have to share with all of you!  It's a homemade lemon exfoliator recipe (see below)!  As you can see in my photo up top, I've set everything up that I'll need to get started.  Happy scrubbing and please be gentle ;-)!
See you tomorrow...
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Just in case you didn't know....

Exfoliating your skin gently cleans it and removes dead skin and debris. It removes the oldest of the dead skin cells on the skin's outermost surface.  When left unattended, these cells tend to build up on your face and body, causing dry, grey skin as well as blemishes.   

Courtesy:  Real Simple Magazine

Homemade Lemon Exfoliator
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Juice of 1 Lemon
1T Olive Oil
5 T Sugar
1 tsp Honey

Mix together all ingredients in a jar until smooth.  After washing your face and while skin is still damp, gently rub exfoliator into skin with fingers in a circular motion.  Great for the lips too! (I dare you not to taste it!)  Rinse well with warm water.  Follow up with moisturizer of choice.  

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