Monday, March 26, 2018

Me Time Massage At HOME! (Day 8 Fresh Flush Challenge)

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Day 8 and I'm winding down!!!

It's just about that time for our Fresh Flush Challenge Me Time Massage at HOME!
I have to admit, I'm feeling pretty good!  I'm on my ninth green smoothie and I've lost a few pounds too.  I writing in my journal everyday.  I'm making room in my pantry for my organic products.  I actually had an organic salad for dinner a few days ago.  It was really fresh and delicious. 

I exfoliated my face on last Wednesday and I plan to do it again next month (my skin is sensitive).  I'm drinking plenty of spring water and lemon water too.  Matter of fact, I've been drinking hot lemon water because my throat is bothering me and it's really soothing for a sore throat.  The green tea is helping big time too!  As for sleep, oh well, I'm sick this week, so the medication my doctor gave me for my sinus infection is keeping me pretty knocked this week, sleep is not a problem ;-)!!
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Anyway, it's me time and it's time to massage my muscles and it's really easy to do right in my own home.  I wrote a blog about creating spa time at home (see FEATURED POST).

Did you know you can get the best massage from your shower head (s) and pulsating water??  If you let the water pulsate at force, you can actually feel your muscles relaxing.  That's the old school way of getting a massage and it does the job!

"Back in the day, jumping in the shower was a massage!  You remember? Nobody in my house went to get massages.  I never heard of the!!!  We got in the shower and we were happy...haha! -Deb 

Below, are some tools I like to use for my massage time and "yes", you can do your own massage with these tools.  They are all easy to use.  Also, I share some of the lotions and oils that I like!  Take some "me time" out for you and NO EXCUSES...because you don't have to spend much money ;-)!  

See you tomorrow...
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