Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Organic Foods or Natural Foods...What's Your Choice? (Day 3 Fresh Flush Challenge)


Day 3 and I'm feeling a change in my body already!  The green smoothies are really cleaning my system out (if you know what I mean...haha!) and yesterday I started journaling my 10-Day Fresh Flush Challenge!

So, with moving forward, I'm hoping to eventually phase out my overall food regimen from "natural" foods to "organic" foods." I say this with good intentions but I realize how much our household grocery bill will go up (we do try our best to budget)! 

"Eating organic is not a cheap thing to do!  
In the past, I've experienced eating organic for about 2 weeks straight and my body changes were so much better.  The benefits are truly amazing!"

I tried to change from natural to organic last year and my budget simply could not afford it. So, this time I plan to "gradually" replace my favorite foods first and as my budget permits, I'll begin to replace the natural food products in my food pantry with organic products.  It's just more affordable for me to do it this way and in the long run, I may be able to actually make it happen this time!  

It's truly a choice to eat *organic or non-organic, so think about it.  Perhaps, try it out for a week or two like I did and see if it's something you may want to consider doing. 

To learn more about organic foods, visit these sites below.  

*Please remember to always call or meet with your physician for guidance before making changes in your diet.  

See you tomorrow...
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