Monday, May 28, 2018

Social Media Invitation Just For You! Let's Link Up...Meet Me at the Corner!

Hey Friend ;-)

Wow!  Its's been forever since I've sent out a blogpost!  Missed you!  How are you all doing out there?  I've been busy getting things in order on a personal note!  I've been doing some moving from one residence to another and if you have ever had to move, well, you know, just how busy that can be.  Finally we're settled in to our new digs and I'm exhaling!

Well, today I invite you to join me, it's free...A SOCIAL MEDIA SUBSCRIPTION from!  
"From me to you."

"Yes", it's still free to subscribe and will always be.  Next week I will be opening up my "Corner LOFT101 page" to all of my subscribers and viewers to share your business link, contact information, photos, etc. on my social media platform. 

I've use the Corner page to advertise contributor stories in the past (take a look at them when you can!) but I want to include links to other blog sites, businesses, solopreneurs and additional stories that the social media world and the community needs to KNOW about!

Let's get linked up, connect and if we are already hooked up, then let's stay connected!  Share the good news that you do with the rest of the world and link up with others using my platform for FREE!

How can you subscribe to  Simply go to the HOME page, click SUBSCRIBE and when you arrive at the next  page, click on Subscribe Box at top left of page, fill in your information (email, first name, last name and website) and click Subscribe to list on bottom of page.  Next, you will receive a confirmation request in your inbox asking you to confirm that you are the person that actually requested to subscribe to Confirm YES and that's it!  

Now, go to the Contact page and send me an email with what you want to share (business name, business link, contact information, contributing story, etc.) and I'll post it on the Corner page within 24 hours!  

Look forward to hearing from you soon...BIG XOXO's to you!
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