About My LOFT

1.  "Why should I follow one of the newest bloggers & entrepreneur that takes extraordinary leaps but walks by profound faith?" 

My faith is my foundation in all that I set out to do.  I have to believe in me otherwise I have no hope to stand on.  If everything we set out to do was easy, them everyone would be doing it!

 2.  What is LOFT101.net & LOFT101.net Works?

 LOFT101.net is a blog site that is inquisitive, urging you to cross boundaries, to think-out-the-box, daring "you" to be different, take risks and create rather than imitate!  LOFT101.net seeks to encourage confidence, introducing you to new things so you can and will live more amazing, more awesome & more real! You are all of these things and it's your time, to begin living the best life you can, having a good time and being YOU in anything and everything you set out to do! 

LOFT101.net Works is my business name that was a spinoff from my LOFT101.net blog site.  My business demonstrates the fruits of my labor as an organic blogger.  Basically, I'm bringing things to life.  I'm getting up front and personal with my subscribers and viewers as I attempt to speak more at events, offer my own workshops, take a leap of faith with YOUTUBE and LinkedIn videos and providing my professional coaching/consulting skills to help others achieve their life goals.

Welcome!  My name is Deb Ramsey and I am a Certified Professional Coach, CPC, ELI-MP.  My coaching niche is life enrichment and creative expression.  I have a Master Practitioner Certification in Energy Level Index also.  "What does that mean?"  Well, I focus on energy levels when I work with my clients or when I am speaking at workshops. I am a firm believer that energy is absolutely everything!  You must have energy of some sort to function as a human being.  You may have high energy or you may have low energy but both beat out "no energy" every time!!

I am the mind and creator behind LOFT101.net, a blog that will share ideas from home décor, house cleaning, organizing, 101 DIY projects, entertaining, crafts, recipes, my thought for the day, new trends being talked about, ideas for "real life" and so much more! LOFT101 was inspired by my passion to share ideas that will encourage others to try something new.  I love to try new things because it challenges me to be different.  I absolutely love to decorate and my blog will explore that and more. You can always find me out and about the Harford County, Maryland area looking for a good story that I can share on my blog.  I am a trailblazer for women that are following their dreams and using their gifts and talents to reach their goals.  
I will share ideas on how to refresh and renew the look of your home with simple applications and techniques.  Many times, a simple makeover or a re-layering of accessories is just the thing that you need to give that room or space the perfect “pop”!  LOFT101 shares basic decorating ideas and projects that do not require you to be an artist or an expert in the field of décor.  I provide my perspective on the logistics to decorating which basically says that you should ensure you have all of your resources in the right place, be committed at setting a timeline for yourself to complete your project and last but not least, making sure you have the finances available to launch your project.  I share why it's a good idea to create a vision board and I'll show you how to create one for the first project I'll be doing on LOFT101.net. 

My desire is to enable you to become daring enough to try something new when it comes to being creative! I love innovation, but it's hard sometimes to be innovative when you have no team, so you are my team!!  You will dare me to think of new things I can introduce to you and challenge me to be even more creative in my decorating skills.  I am no genius, just gifted in an area that I enjoy and have fun doing.  I'll share pictures of my home, from time to time, as I work on projects and tasks that you may want to try.  We will learn together and when I discover something that I think is a really good idea, I'll share it with you.  There is no standard on how stunning something has to be; only that it is better than it was before!
Often, I will share "My Thought for Today".  That side of me is real, transparent and often needed.  Many times, I will share my thoughts because something is on my mind and I want to share it with you.  I don't wake up everyday thinking about decorating, crafts and wanting to try out a new recipe!  Some days I need to encourage myself, with the hope to inspire others.  Additionally, I'll be posting interviews of local entrepreneurs and people that want to share a dream they are chasing.  I'll post new trends that I run across or favorites that I wish I had but can't afford to buy, right now!  My Corner LOFT101 Page will be filled with stories and photos that are "just because", I want you to know! 
Every now and then I stumble across some words that stick with me and I find myself repeating them over and over again.  So, I’ll share my latest inspiring words with you:  “It’s Butter Baby”!  Yes, its butter baby, all the way, because life right now for me, is like a “soft creamy spread”, moving along rather smoothly.  Oh yea, by the way, I forgot to mention, I’m a little crazy too but I love to have fun!  So, welcome again to LOFT101.NET and I hope you stick around for awhile!