LOFT101  LOGISTICS:  The process of ensuring the right resources are in the right place at the right time to effectively plan, develop, implement and execute my project.
Logistics is universal and it is a very good practice to use when taking on any new project.  It is especially a great method for decorating or designing.  It is the technique that I use when mapping out any of my projects, big or small.  Logistics allows you the ability to establish phases to follow, keeps you on point and shows you how you will get from the beginning to the end, successfully.  From the planning phase to execution, logistics embodies everything else in between, which is the overall development and implementation of your project.  
I’ve been a Certified Logistics Analyst for many years and I just think logistically most of the time, when analyzing things in my own life!  Fortunately, I am able to take my experiences in this field and apply it to my love for decorating, organizing, cleaning, entertaining and "real life" issues & ideas. 
My goal initially, is to consult, guide and help you understand the logistics behind taking on a project, owning it and completing what you have committed to, no matter how long it takes.  Whether it be refreshing something old, accessorizing something new, choosing hues, layering your d├ęcor or taking on a DIY project, you can’t go wrong if you understand and integrate this guideline I have put in place for you.  Always, refer to it before you start any project and trust me, you will be effective, successful and you will finish!

What?  Purpose  What is the purpose?  What are my resources?  What do I need?    
Who?  People  Who is this for?  Who will help me, if needed?  Will this make a difference in mine and/or someone's else's life?

Why?  Expectations  Why am I doing this?  Why is this important to me?  Is it important to others?

When?  Time  When will I start? When will I finish?  Do I need to establish an exact time to start and finish?
Where?  Place  Where will I begin? Do I want to prioritize where I will begin? Do I want to take on one project at a time or do I want to begin multiple projects?

How?  Money  How will I make this happen? Do I have the finances available? How much will it be?