Vision Board

Vision Boards aka Mood Boards and Dream Boards are a great way to chart and track your ideas for a home project and are great inspirational tools for affirming intentions you have set, for yourself.  In decorating, a vision board allows you to select products for your home and create a visual display before you purchase anything.  It lets you get a feel of what you want first, without having to make a firm decision, right away.

Begin by purchasing a large poster board to display your ideas.  You will also need some tape, thumb tacks or push pins, depending on what type of board you get (poster board, framed memo board etc.)  If you are decorating a small space, you can purchase a small to medium size board, such as the framed memo boards that hold pictures or business cards (you can find a nice memo board at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Home Goods).  It's your preference but be sure you have a big enough board to hold all of your ideas.  I've used memo boards that have the criss cross bands for holding photos and you don't need push pins or tape.  They are wonderful and simple to use.  The traditional vision board is usually displayed on a large poster board using glue sticks to attach your ideas/cutouts. 

Consider the theme you would like to plan for as you choose the ideas for your vision board.  I usually choose a theme first and if I plan to paint, then my first stop is to the paint store to select colors I can choose from.  This is also a good time to look at wallpaper selections.  When considering wallpaper or wall decals, don't be afraid to choose prints because the world of decorating today is trendy and diverse enough to mix and match just about any color, style or pattern you want and still end up with a fabulous look!  

Next, you want to look through magazines & catalogs and cut out pictures that appeal to you but at the same time, are similar to the theme and colors you are considering. The idea here is that you want to get a good feel for your decoration aesthetic. Additionally, you can go online and view stores & shops ( is a good site to look at) that might be showcasing a room or home decor, you like.  Print these internet finds out and add them to your vision board.  

This is also the best time to invest in a good pair of scissors!  You will need them when creating your vision board and you will use them time and time again on other projects, such as crafting.  Continue to create and build on your vision board until you feel you have included most of the ideas that you want.  Once you have your vision board completed, it's a good idea to post it on a bare white wall, to view it.  A white background is neutral and will not obstruct your overall view as you consider your palette of colors and pattern choices for your project!